Hiking of Dafu Mountain
2020-12-25 17:18:26

On the occasion of Christmas in 2020, Joacii Jewelry company organized the international marketing team to come to Dafushan Forest Park to welcome Christmas in 2020 in the form of hiking and gatherings.

At 1 o'clock noon on December 19, everyone set off from the office and walked about 3 kilometers from the company to Dafu Mountain Forest Park, and then walked about 4 kilometers to the south gate of the park. Then walked about 1.5 kilometers from the south gate to the north gate, then stop to rest. During the break, the Joacii team also held a shuttlecock kick in the park. Everyone is immersed in this unique joy. Finally, at about 5 o'clock in the evening, we walked to Zhongfu Square "Fish Dingding", where the dinner is held, and the whole walk is about 9 kilometers. For people who sit in the office for a long time, a walk that comes just as it says not only gives us the opportunity to receive the natural light and breathe fresh air, it is also a visual feast.

The most anticipated is the dinner party in the evening, Huoguo in winter is people's favorite. The steaming Huoguo is warm and appetizing. After the meal, we gathered in twos and threes, some playing cards, some singing, Everyone is happy.

We are grateful to Joacii for its care for employees, and hope that Joacii can reach a higher level in the coming year and create greater glories!

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