Joacii Jewelry Participates in the Hong Kong Exhibition in February 2024
2024-03-10 15:56:44

Exhibition time: 2/29-3/4

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth number 5C-A30

At the end of February, the Joacii team participated in the Hong Kong exhibition with a newly developed series of new products. Many exquisite and fashionable jewelry were on display, attracting the attention of many exhibitors.

The products in this exhibition are our 22 series of new products in 24 years. They are characterized by their rich colors, variety of stones, and creative designs. Our personalized stone carving series has attracted a lot of attention because of its new technology. The candy series and raw stone hexagonal prism production stone series are very popular, demonstrating our pursuit of product diversity and innovation.

As a professional jewelry design and manufacturing team, the Joacii jewelry team has been committed to improving product quality and design innovation. Every piece of jewelry produced contains the team's intention and creativity. By participating in the Hong Kong exhibition this time, the team not only wants to showcase our products, but also hopes to use this platform to compete healthily with many elite design teams and enhance their own strength and brand influence.

At the Hong Kong Exhibition, our jewelry products were recognized and loved by everyone. Many exhibitors praised our products and expressed their intention to buy them. These recognitions and support make us feel gratified and proud, and also give us more motivation and confidence to continue to provide better products and services to consumers.

The future of the Joacii jewelry team is bright. We will continue to uphold the concepts of professionalism, innovation, quality and service, continuously improve our own strength and brand influence, and bring more and better jewelry products to the majority of jewelry lovers. 

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