Thanks Gift from Customers
2021-01-09 17:24:14

A month ago we received a pair of customized customers from the United States. They are two young girls who have opened an online store. Their online store sales are very good, and they have their own designed products. When they found us, they told us their needs and difficulties. They wanted to customize the frame of the pendant and put the pendant they designed inside. The difficulty of this product is that it requires precise dimensions so that the customized frame can be perfectly matched with their pendant. After good communication with our designer, the size, style, material and craft (gold vermeil) of the frame were finally determined. When they received the products we made (300 pairs of 925 silver pendant necklaces) three weeks later, they were very satisfied with the quality of our products, the quality of the plating and the precise product size, and they sent a letter of thanks. They also expressed that they would give us gifts. Then we received the coffee from the customers.

Thanks so much for the two lovely girls! We are also very happy that our customers are satisfied with our products and services, and we sincerely hope that the two young girls' online shops will be better and better. As an oem jewelry manufacturer, Joacii will always grow with our customers.

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